Planting seeds of compassion

We serve the hungry

We serve Christ by feeding the poor and hungry in the Palouse Region of the Pacific Northwest United States.

One in five children go bed hungry. Twenty-one percent of the elderly struggle with hunger issues.

In our obedience to scripture, and with hearts of compassion, we are here to help these people.

One soup packet at a time

Spread the love and the Gospel

Founded by friends Tom Riedner and Greg Nolan in August 2014, Homestead Ministries develops hearty, nutritious recipes using locally-grown commodities and distribute that to the hungry across the Pacific Northwest.

“You gave me something to eat…”

With the help of volunteers and donors, Homestead provides wholesome, nutritious, and delicious food to the poor in our area.

The soup packets

Homestead offers four delicious products.


Around 200,000 bags of soup has provided about 1.2 million meals to individuals in the Palouse Region!

Split Green Pea Soup

A wholesome blend of green peas, delivering a heartwarming soup packed with rich flavors and nutrients.

Lentil Chili

Experience the robust taste of lentils and a unique spice blend in our hearty, protein-rich chili.

Kidney Bean Chili

A simple and comforting chili made with nourishing kidney beans and a gentle spice blend.

Spicy Lentil Mix / Tacos

Add a kick to your meal with our spicy lentil mix, perfect for creating nutritious tacos with extra zing!

Locally sourced. Locally grown. Locally fed.

Serve Washington and surrounding areas

Homelessness and hunger are so prevalent in our society. We turn a blind eye to it. But this s a hunger problem locally.

Support Homestead and be obedient to scripture.